Almost ready to get started

why do you think I wear glasses?
 to make a fashion statement, I suppose.
I hope this goes well for you.
 don't You know how it goes?
 don't get smart with me son.
Can I ask You a question?
It's a little late for that, don't you think?

Meanwhile back at judgement day

God gazes narrowly over His reading glasses at steve. His white hair is full and has the perfect "every hair not quite in place" look. Steve struggles to come up with the right bible verse, but comes up blank. All Steve can think is, please let God give some hint of a smile. No such luck.

Everyone else in the throne room has a blank expression, except Steve. He can sense an uncontrolled furrowed brow coming on.

Jesus has a sweet uncomplicated gaze, like He's done this billions of times.

Deep down inside Steve knows there will be no plee or argument. After all, this is judgement day.

Be bold and humble, Steve thinks, but it suddenly has a hollow ring.


Throne Room discussion of the previous post

The mood is somber. Everyone watches our Heavenly Father, who called this session.

He begins, Am I the only one concerned with that post?

Jesus, How so?

The Holy Spirit smiles knowingly.

God, Well, for one thing it makes me look like some ego maniac!

Peter bites his lip.

You're the final seat of power through Christ. You must have an authoritarian aspect, says Joseph.

So what's that business about the line on the floor? That's not biblical, quips God.

God continues, in fact, being judged individually isn't really emphasized that much. Of course each person will account for every thought and action, but I can do all people in one session.

Jesus chuckles.

And it implies that I might zap someone right in the throne room. The whole tone really makes me angry!  Says God.

Simon the zealot chimes in, yeah that's so old testament!

God: thank you Simon. Anyway, Holy Spirit what do you say?

Holy Spirit: it is childish. Still there's a certain charm to it.

God exhales an…

Marche Slave and the Throne Room

Steve is standing outside the Heavenly Throne Room, awaiting judgement. His counseling angel instructs the proper throne room etiquette. Only speak when spoken to, and so forth. The closed doors are many stories tall. The only sound is the angel reading the standard list of do's and don'ts. Steve stands somewhat stiff. The angel finishes and incredibly the doors slowly swing open.

Marche Slave by Tchaikovsky begins. As the Throne Room becomes visible there is a massive orchestra playing. The Throne, twelve patriarchs, twelve apostles and the four living creatures are all there.

The angel reminds Steve, don't cross the line on the floor, remember poor little Carl, he crossed the line.

Carl? Steve asks blankly.

As they walk forward the music becomes deafening. Steve stops well short of the line.

The sound goes through Steve like he's thin tissue. God bobs His head and taps a foot to the music.

Excuse me, excuuuse me. Steve can't hear himself. Jesus glances his direct…